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A-Tech Positive Security install a wide
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C.C.T.V systems

C.C.T.V (close circuit television) has became a positive way to reduce crime both on the streets of out towns and city centres as well as covering major shopping centres to the local corner store or potential crime hot-spots.

C.C.T.V is considered to be the most effective method of reducing crime*


Who needs C.C.T.V?

Why choice digital C.C.T.V?

This live cctv web feed is best viewed in internet explore
Picture quality has been set lower, to enable people on low bandwidth to see.
This is not time lapse recording and is set to refresh every 10 seconds


 Vandal resistant colour dome

 Digital Video recorder

Closed circuit television is often coupled with electronic access control to enable not only to see who gain access, but to restrict persons who have no right of entry, or record those that force entry. The pictures can also be sent down telephone lines, to be viewed at locations remote from the site under observation with the facility of the remote site to make announcements over a public address system an example might be - "You are trespassing, please leave before the Police are called" Thus eliminating, in some situations, the need for a 24 Hour guard on site. Pictures can be sent from your site to a computer ANYWHERE in the world and recorded on the hard disc. This record may be saved or overwritten at your discretion.

 External speed dome

 Covert clock

not only can the conventional cameras be supplied, but we have a full range of covert equipment for installation in sensitive or restricted areas, where customers may not feel easy with a CCTV camera observing their every move.

 PC based system


 Internal camera with built in in-far red


* = British Chambers of Commerce Business Crime Survey

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